The Art of Smiling

Does painting make you smile?

Sally McIver

5/16/20241 min read

During covid I experimented with the idea of running painting workshops. At the start of the workshop I asked everyone to draw a face with a smile or a frown or a neutral face to check how they were feeling. At the start people were in a mixed frame of mind but by the end it seemed as though everyone was smiling.

So I have run a few workshops since then and have another one lined up at the lovely Workhouse Gallery in Dunstable on 6th July 10.30-1.30. I'm chuffed to say that people are still enjoying my workshops saying lovely things like "that was great fun", "I'm definitely going to frame my painting," and "I loved the workshop". I try and give participants tools they can use to develop their own style. A lot of thought goes into the planning but it's rewarding to see those smiles and the lovely work produced.

You can book the workshop here if you are interested. All materials provided and the workshops help support this lovely community gallery.