set your creativity free

Sally organised and skilfully led a superb creative arts retreat for us last February. Guests were so appreciative of the opportunity to express themselves through various creative media.

Clive Orchard, Warden and Team Leader,

Coming Spring 2021 -weekly ‘reflect and create’

Are you interested in joining a relaxed and friendly group to nurture your creativity and help you to release your artistic nature? Perhaps you have never previously had the opportunity or taken the time to do this?

If you would to connect and find encouragement to create regularly, this could be just what you are looking for…

Pictured here:  As the deer…

my story - your story?

DI realise I have often felt guilty about taking time to paint or write. Now, I recognise that this creativity is an essential part of my DNA which needs to be set free. I’ve also found it’s invaluable to share the journey with others along the way. How about you? I’d love to connect and hear something of your story… 

Do get in touch here

Pictured here: The Promise, 2020